• HT3200UV HK8
HT3200UV HK8

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Handtop’s HT3200UV HK8 is a type of hi-speed and hi-precision UV hybrid printer specially designed for small and medium-sized processing enterprises to meet their multi-functional requirements. Equipped with 4-8 Kyocera grey-scale piezoelectric print heads, the HT3200UV HK8 printer can print in hi-speed as well as hi-precision in 4-8 colors 1200*1200 DPI.

In addition, the optional white ink mode and varnish mode also light up the multi-function of HT3200UV HK8.

Handtop HT3200UV HK8 UV Printer Features

Ultra Precision

4-8 Kyocera grey-scale piezoelectric print heads, multi-drop size, min 7pl, max 21pl, photo-grade accuracy, capacity of print 2pt characters clearly, maximum DPI 1200*1200, using precision harmonic reducer to drive the belt, ensure the motion stability of the media and the fixed linear raster used to guide the carriage, guaranteed the hi-precision printing.

Retractable Alignment bar: Retractable Alignment bar allows for accurate consistent media placement.


User Friendly Design


1.Full loop auto media thickness detective and auto height control system.

2.Auto skip function identify and evade the blank part, optional pipeline printing mode.

3.Optional UV light irradiation power & Nozzle compensation function.

4.Auto pin registration devices & Anti-collision device on the carriage.

Stabile & Reliable


1.Durable parts for industrial production.

2.We chose IGUS chain, AB servo motor, Megadyne synchronous belt, etc.

3.Emergency stop switches on the machine make it easy to stop operation from any corner of the printer.

4.Backup power supply.

Save ink up to 30%-50%


Using multi-drop pixel technology to decrease the using amount of the ink, unlike the normal print mode consume more ink when printing.


Use non-VOC environmental friendly UV curing ink, this will be a new trend in the future.


Wide application

ht3200 ht3200 ht3200

UV curing ink can print in varies materials directly and it is also eco-friendly, with these two big advantages, it will eventually replace the traditional outdoor advertising and indoor photo printing equipments, moreover, apply widely in family indoor decoration field, such as: wallpaper, public display board, etc.


  • Industrial high-precision printhead
  • Printing size:3.2m
  • Completely-New UV-curing system
  • Independent LED Light Box
  • Material Deviation Correction
  • Magnetic Positioning Device
Model HT3200UV HK8
Print head Kyocera KJ4A
Quatity of printheads 4-8 pcs(double rows)
Resolution 1200*1200dpi
Printing speed draft production quality
110㎡/hr 73㎡/hr 60㎡/hr
Print mode Unidirectional and bidirectional
Max media width 3.2m
Max media thickness 50mm
Media type Rigid and flexible flat materials
Ink Environmental friendly UV/LED curable ink (VOC free)
Ink color C、M、Y、K、Lc、Lm、W、V
Imageformat Adobe Postscript Level3、PDF、JPEG、TIFF、EPS、AI
Machine size(L.W.H) 6.19*1.59*1.56M
Machine net weight 2260KG
Machine gross weight 3130KG
Power consumption 9.0KW(20A)
Power supply 400VAC.50Hz 3P/N/PE
Certification CE,FCC
RIP support ONYX,Caldera
UV Curing Mercury vapor UV lamps, LED(optional)
Interface High Speed PCIE
Environment Separated workroom in good cleaning and ventilated condition
Ambient Temperature: 18˚ C – 30˚ C(64˚F-86˚F)
Constant Humidity: 30%-70%RH(non-condensate)
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